Some of the key people in Sage’s Herd are our Sage Farmers.

It takes a special kind of farmer to be a Sage Farmer.....


They must be passionate about farming - real farming, that means putting animal husbandry and ethical treatment first. Every farm needs to make a profit to be viable - though Sage Farmers won't do it at the sake of the animals that are entrusted to them. We treat our cattle, lamb, pork and chicken as animals in a paddock - not numbers in a spreadsheet.


They understand that Sage is a small but real paddock to plate company - and they work closely with us to supply 100% grass-fed cattle and lamb. This is no easy feat in Australia's often tough conditions. For this trust in us we repay through agreed prices, no commissions or transport fees


They are all bloody good folk - and believe in 100% grass-fed farming. They are passionate about their cattle and sheep, and how they look after them and they work with us to produce premium quality meat. Strong genetics, passive weaning, grass-fed, well-fed animals that are treated ethically is what we insist on. Sage has its own livestock transport truck, so that we can have control over potentially the most stressful part of an animal’s life. We load the animals ourselves and transport directly to the abattoirs - minimising both the stress and time spent in transport. Just another way we put animal welfare first.

How Sage Farmers came about?

Sage started when Chris and his sister Gen got together to find a way to avoid sales yards and the stress associated with the same on their loved herds. They found a way to have their beef slaughtered, butchered, packaged and sold through a farmers market and Sage was born.

Very soon however word started to get out. Both on the consumption side with more and more people wanting to buy Sage’s 100% grass fed ethical meat and on the farmers side when other farmers saw there was a viable alternative to the saleyards for their ethical farmed herds.

The things valued at the sale yard don’t tend to be the things sage farmers do, unfortunately, or fortunately as the first sage farmers came on board to help Chris out to balance his supply challenge and help themselves with their unease of their much loved herds heading off to the mercy of the sale yards!